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Quit at Home

Give up smoking from the comfort of your own home!

A great project running specifically in the borough of Kingston is our Kick-It Self Help Kit! This box is designed for people who want to give up independently, or cannot attend stop smoking clinics due to time constraints.


The box contains a step by step manual which acts as your guide throughout your smoke free journey – amongst other useful things such as a wall planner, stress toy and more!


One amazing aspect about the box is that it gives you access to 2 weeks FREE supply of Nicotine replacement therapy of your choice, all this takes is a short phone conversation with our Self Help Co-ordinator.


If you are a resident of the borough of Kingston ask your local GP, Pharmacy or Dental Practice if they stock Quit Kits. Alternatively residents of Kingston can request one online by filling out our quick form below!

My Home Quit Kit

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