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At Kick It helping people quit smoking for good is our bread and butter. However we also believe that it’s important to give people alternative, evidence-based methods of reducing their smoking and giving up; as quitting isn’t a one-size fits all process.

Kick It Shisha Strategy

Kick it is committed to reducing the prevalence of shisha usage, a way of smoking tobacco through a water pipe; a past time particularly popular amongst some ethnic groups. Kick It attempts to increase awareness around the risks associated with shisha use and shed lights on common shisha myths. A variety of shisha related resources are available through Kick It, as well as shisha friendly clinics where users can receive specialist support on stopping.

Shisha friendly clinics include:

  • Currently, not available.

A quitter testimonial is available in both English and Arabic below:

Cig Free Break

Cig Break App Launch

In this modern day and age, with the use of smart phones so prevalent amongst Londoners, Kick It also recommends the use of the free Cigbreak app to support a quit attempt. The Cigbreak app is multi-faceted featuring a quit tracker, distraction games for those long tube journeys and helpful tips and advice for those times when the cravings hit. Android phone users can download the app here:

Youth Smoking Prevention

At Kick-It we also recognise the importance of smoking prevention and to support this arm of work we have a specialist youth project called Ctrl-Z. To find out more about Ctrl-Z visit the Youth Smoking Prevention page.

Youth Smoking Prevention Service