Innovation - Welcome to Kick It
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At Kick It helping people quit smoking for good is our bread and butter. However we also believe that it’s important to give people alternative, evidence-based methods of reducing their smoking and giving up; as quitting isn’t a one-size fits all process.

Kick It Shisha Strategy

Kick it is committed to reducing the prevalence of shisha usage, a way of smoking tobacco through a water pipe; a past time particularly popular amongst some ethnic groups. Kick It attempts to increase awareness around the risks associated with shisha use and shed lights on common shisha myths. A variety of shisha related resources are available through Kick It, as well as shisha friendly clinics where users can receive specialist support on stopping.

A quitter testimonial is available in both English and Arabic below:

Youth Smoking Prevention

At Kick-It we also recognise the importance of smoking prevention and to support this arm of work we have a specialist youth project called Ctrl-Z. To find out more about Ctrl-Z visit the Youth Smoking Prevention page.

Youth Smoking Prevention Service