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How to quit smoking

Kick It offers a free stop smoking service to all local residents who are looking to quit and by seeing a specialist Kick It advisor you are 4 times more likely to quit than by going cold turkey.


Kick It will provide you with six, free, weekly sessions of help and support to get you through the hardest part of quitting. The first appointment is usually a little longer at 40 minutes but the remainder are relatively brief at around 20 minutes. These sessions usually take place on a 1-1 basis with one of our expert advisors, but we also regularly offer group sessions if you feel you’d benefit from the support of other smokers. Over the 6 sessions you will:


  • Receive up to £100 of free stop smoking medication or nicotine replacement therapy, to help deal with those troublesome cravings.
  • See evidence of the carbon monoxide levels in your body drop to that of a non-smoker through weekly carbon monoxide testing.
  • Get confidential, friendly, expert advice from an experienced stop smoking advisor to give tips and suggestions on how to become a successful quitter.

Kick It offers this support from a variety of venues, some of which are more clinical and others more community focused.


Almost all GPs and pharmacies in our boroughs deliver specialist stop smoking support from advisors whom we have trained to run Kick-It interventions. Additionally our core Kick It team run sessions from alternative venues such as libraries, community centres and even our mobile quit van which you might see out and about in our boroughs.


Also don’t worry if you have a busy schedule, our staff run stop smoking clinics in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. What’s more for some extra flexibility our advisors can offer telephone appointments and are often reachable via text.

Quit smoking advice

Our Clinics

Zoom in the on map below using the ‘plus’ icon in the bottom left to find your local quit smoking clinic.

Your Health

You won’t be inhaling the dangerous toxins in cigarettes like tar or carbon monoxide. Health benefits start within 24 hours but in 10 years your risk of heart attack will be that of someone who has never smoked.

Your Finances

You’ll end up saving an absolute fortune – Around £3000 if you smoke 20 a day. Fancy a Caribbean cruise or a new car?

Your Family

You protect them from second hand smoke at home and your children have less risk of developing infections and asthma.