Remote Quit Smoking - Welcome to Kick It
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Quit smoking banner KickIt

Stop Smoking with our Telephone Quit Line

Stop Smoking Kickit

How can we help?

Our quit line offers free telephone support, self help materials and medication guidance to support your quit attempt.

Why is this important?

You’re up to four times more likely to quit smoking for good when you have support.


Our quit line is there to help those people looking for support but don’t have the time or are simple unable to attend our face to face offering.

Ready to call us? 

0203 409 9730



Give us a call


We’ll help build on motivation


Develop coping mechanisms


Discuss suitable medications


Share our comprehensive quit guide


Receive ongoing support calls

You’re up to four times more likely to quit with support

0203 409 9730

Don’t go it alone

Start to feel the benefits today!

Have you ever tried to go cold turkey?

Have you ever tried to go cold turkey and found yourself relapsing a few weeks later? It’s completely normal! Our trained advisors will be there to remind you of the impact being smoke free is having on your body when the journey gets hard.

With our over-the-phone stop smoking support you will get a free quit plan that’s tailored to suit your lifestyle on your schedule. Our stop smoking programme has been recognised as one of the leading services proven to help people like you quit smoking for good.

Ready to call us? 

0203 409 9730