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28 Days Challenge hero

28 Days Challenge hero

I’ve smoked on and off for 20 years smoking up to twenty cigarettes a day. It was costing me up to £84 a week which is a crazy amount of money just to forward your own journey towards death.

I got fed up of the coughing and the ever-increasing colds that were becoming more and more frequent. I didn’t feel great and after getting to the age of 44 I decided enough was enough. I saw a poster for the 28 Day Challenge in my doctor’s surgery and thought it presented a gateway to quitting, rather than the previous attempts I’d made where I always threw in the towel after a short period. For me there where two triggers in my smoking: Boredom and job-related stress.

I had my first call with the Quit Coach team and I can honestly say it was the least judgemental most engaging of process. The calls with the Quit Coaches quickly became a checkpoint where I could reflect and acknowledge on a few more days of being smokefree.

Since quitting, I’ve felt so many benefits. My sense of taste and smell have vastly improved. l’m so much warmer not standing in the cold and no longer self-conscious about having to ‘sneak off for a cheeky fag’! which I used to do with new work colleagues.

Would I recommend the 28 Day Challenge? I certainly would!! It’s worked for me. It’s supportive without being intrusive and all the quit coaches are friendly and professional. I’m so glad it’s one of the few posters I’ve ever really read on the few occasions I’ve been to the doctor’s surgery. Thanks for all your help and support.

To join the 28 days challenge, visit www.28days.org.uk

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