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Deputy Chair of Health, Councillor Alison Griffiths challenged herself to take on the 28-Day Challenge. Throughout her 28-Day journey, Alison videoed herself, where she shared her experiences, challenges and accomplishments along the way! You can find all the videos at the following link:

Throughout Alison’s quit attempt, Alison received a treatment called combination therapy. This is a combination of both medicinal and behavioural support, shown to be up to four times more effective than going cold turkey.

How does Alison Quit?

With behavioural support from her own Quit Coach, Fionn (a member of the 28-Day team). The medication she used is called Varenicline, which is more commonly known as Champix. The drug is taken twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

How does it work?

It works by stimulating nicotine receptors to relieve the cravings and withdrawals you get when you stop smoking. At the same time, Champix blocks the nicotine receptors so that if you continue to smoke (inhale nicotine), any enjoyable or rewarding effect is prevented.

Take the 28-Day Challenge with Cllr Alison Griffiths!

Cllr Alison L Griffiths. decided to stop smoking using our over-the-phone councilling sessions throughout Stoptober. http://bit.ly/alison_stops_smokingYou could save around £250 by taking on the 28days challenge!See how Alison's journey went by clicking the link below:http://bit.ly/alison_stops_smoking

Posted by Kick It Stop Smoking Service on Thursday, 14 November 2019

How was Alison’s first week?

Alison has the full support from the public and the 28 Days team (a stop smoking service provided by One You Surrey). The service is completely remote and available to all Kingston, Hammersmith and Fulham residents. Here is an overview of how the week went:

Day One

“It’s been absolutely fine, I thought it would be really difficult, but I was absolutely fine”.

“Today’s been really positive, I’ve been feeling pretty good. It’s just not what I expected, I thought I would be crying by now.”

Day Three

“I’m feeling fine. It’s been pretty easy, which I never expected. I am still waiting for the cravings and everything to kind of kick in, but it’s not happened.”

“I’ve been using the vape pen that I bought, I try not to use that much, but it’s to help with the lifestyle habits of smoking”

“I’m so overwhelmed with the support I’ve received from everyone as well. My fellow councillors have been great! It’s been a very positive experience”

Day Four

“Still not smoking. But really struggling today. I really apologise to all those that are quitting out there and I’ve been saying it’s really easy and not difficult.”

“I’m really happy that my quit coach, Fionn, called me today and his support and talking me through the struggles has really made a difference to how I feel. I really felt as I was beginning to go backwards”.

“I am going to keep on going. I am £40 richer today then I was when I started and that is amazing.”

Day Seven

“Honestly, I have come to Greece for a couple of days… I have to admit I had one cigarette”.

“Doesn’t change anything, I am still doing exactly what I said I was going to do.”

“Even though I am really angry, I am not going to beat myself up over it. It’s one cigarette in eight days.”

“I am still determined, by the end of my 28 days I will be smokefree completely. I am going to take that one cigarette and pretend it didn’t happen.


As Alison expressed in her vlogs, the journey to becoming SmokeFree is not an easy one. Alison has made fantastic progress so far and is determined to complete the 28 Day Challenge.

How can you take part in the 28-Day Challenge yourself?

Click the link below or call on 03301 244 648 and start your 28-Day Challenge today!

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